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Propel Linear Tent Kit

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Propel  Features

  • Accessory lighting to aid in vegetative and flowering stages
  • Optimize the grow space in standard 4 x 4 tent footprint
  • Control yield, consistency and quality
  • Maximize output
  • Daisy chain convenience
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Combine with ITC Horticulture top lighting for higher intensity
Part Number: FL01-LL-XXXX [LL = Length] [XXXX = Spectrum]-1 Category:


Full Spectrum Features

  • Full cycle growth
  • Low intensity

Photoperiod Manipulator

  • Night Interruption
  • Day light extension
  • Seed germination

Additional information


48" or 72"


46.63"L or 69.63"L x 0.68"W


24V DC [50-60 Hz]


Photoperiod Manipulator, Full Spectrum