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Amplify Five Lamp Fixture

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Five Lamp Fixture Features

  • Large coverage area with even light output
  • Easy installation by hanging from any strut configuration
  • One plug to save on drop installations and to work with current infrastructure

Amplify Features

  • Multiple scientifically proven spectrums
  • Standard and custom light distribution layouts
  • Installation friendly for easy install and reconfiguration
  • Lower operating costs
  • Industrial grade materials and craftsmanship
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Seedling Spectrum Features

  • Good for growing seedlings or plugs; easy automated transplanting
  • Large root to vegetation ratio
  • Plants have better color and a smaller top (vegetative) growth

Vegetative Spectrum Features

  • Large plugs
  • Large vegetation

Balanced Spectrum Features

  • Brings out red pigment
  • Produces small, compact plants which are good for packaging and transport

Additional information


See Technical Specification Sheet (1170 µmol/s – 1365 µmol/s)


See Technical Specification Sheet (1.85 µmol/J – 2.23 µmol/J)


100V – 277V AC


See Technical Specification Sheet (1A – 1.1A)


See Technical Specification Sheet (590W – 635W)

Power Factor


Heat Output

See Technical Specification Sheet (2080 BTU/hr – 2165 BTU/hr)