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Case Studies

Solve Together

At ITC, we realize the importance of staying close to the science by following the newest discoveries, techniques, and advancements at universities and research facilities.  We also know how important it is to be on the ground with growers by continuing to field test in controlled environments and greenhouses, using multiple spectrums on multiple cultivars.  With the complexities that climate change and environmental factors have on our food and growing capabilities, we know that consistency within food production environments is a necessity.  We are continuously working to perform tests and case studies, discovering new ways in which our Amplify products can offer superior solutions to greenhouse and controlled environment growers.  Our goal, is to solve together.

Below you will find several of our most recent case studies, highlighting the ITC Horticulture product capabilities, benefits, and best practices.

Peas Please | A Competitive Comparison

Do ITC Horticulture LED Amplify lights stand up competitively when directly compared against the top names in the horticulture lighting industry?

Great question – we asked ourselves the same thing.  We decided to find out by putting our lights to the test.  We hired an environmental sciences lab researcher to map out and perform a trial test. Our first comparison test was to see how quickly our LED competitors could grow pea plants compared to how quickly our Amplify LED lights could do the same.

What did we find in this head-to-head competition?  ITC’s Amplify lights performed just as well as the top competitors and in some cases better. But was this a one-time fluke?? No, after 10 trials, ITC Amplify performance was on par (pun intended) with all the top selling competitive products and exceeded their performance in a few key areas.

Key findings of the peas grown under the Amplify Seedling spectrum included the even height of the plants across the tray and the density of the roots. The other benefit ITC gained  – – an abundance of pea sprouts for lunch!

Click here to see the full extent of our competitive study, giving details on our method and results.

Producing Pigments

During the winter months in many areas throughout the country, growers and farmers find themselves unable to cultivate red lettuce crops as there is not enough blue light shining in the atmosphere.  ITC has found a solution to that.  Using a combination of our Amplify LED grow lights, we have found a way to bring that pop of red color to lettuce crops year round in an indoor, controlled environment.

Click here to see a detailed version of the full life cycle test studies we performed explaining how to bring this pop of pigment to your lettuce crops year round, instead of relying on mother nature to do it for you.