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Tips and Tricks for using ITC Horticulture LED Grow Lights at Home

March 8th, 2021 by ryans

The first step in successful home growing is to get to know your plants. Each plant cultivar has its own unique light requirements. Each ITC Horticulture light kit offered for home or small business use, comes with two light fixtures in two different light spectrums. The two spectrums offer different colors of light that can be used together or separate and at different times of the growth cycle. So understanding the color, amount, and intensity of light your specific plant needs will help you provide the right light.

Balanced Spectrum Fixture:  One kit includes a double Balanced Spectrum which brings out the red pigment in plants and creates compact plant top growth that is great for transplanting to larger containers as it avoids growth stalling.

Seedling Spectrum Fixture:  One kit includes a double Seedling Spectrum which is great for growing seedlings even before the seedlings have popped from the soil. The Seedling fixture helps grow large root to vegetation ratio and promotes a strong, stable foundation for the plant, especially for those tall growers like tomatoes or cannabis.

Full Spectrum Fixture:  Each kit includes a single Full Spectrum fixture which mimics natural sunlight. The Full Spectrum gives your plants a longer day of light that promotes strong healthy grow in all phases of the plant life. Great for indoor growing environments and low light, short winter days.

Check out both kit offers at and to learn more about ITC Horticulture check us out at

ITC Horticulture Grow Lamps are now available directly to consumers!

March 8th, 2021 by ryans

ITC Horticulture Grow Lighting is now available directly to consumers and small growers, online, via our sister brand ITC Manufacturers’ Select!  The same professional grade grow lighting available to our professional growing partners are now an option for small business and home grows in a quickly deployable kit.

ITC has spent years developing our lighting business, 39 years to be exact. We have invested heavily in LED technology manufacturing with several large, automated processing lines and skilled operators. We also know that you can’t use just any LEDs to grow healthy, high yield producing plants. We used research proven science along with lab and large-scale field production growth testing to develop the perfect spectrums for our Horticulture lighting products.

Now we are excited to offer all of that research and experience we put into our commercial grade Horticulture grow lights, in packages perfect for small businesses and home growers, allowing these growers to reap the same improved yields and grow cycles that the big guys enjoy. Check out both light kit offers at For larger or specialty growers please contact our experienced sales team for a custom lighting plan to meet your growing needs.

Horticulture Business Owners, Get your Rebate Before it’s Light’s Out!

February 17th, 2021 by cassiel

Energy usage is one of the highest expenses of a grow operation. The largest contributors to usage and cost is HVAC and dehumidification followed by lighting. Utility companies are offering a rebate for businesses who switch to more energy efficient LED lighting products, but time is running out.

Benefits of Adding LEDs to A Grow Operation:

Updating a grow operation to LED lighting not only saves energy, but also offers indirect savings. LEDs offer higher efficiency over traditional lighting (HPS, Metal Halide) by using less wattage to deliver the same or greater intensity of light. Indirectly, LED lighting will save energy by reducing HVAC and dehumidification needs. LEDs do not produce the same level of heat output as more traditional lighting sources, which reduces cooling costs. Plants do not transpire as much with the lower temperatures, which lessens the need for dehumidification.

Energy Provider Rebates:

Rebates are offered by most energy providers as incentives to reduce energy usage.  Rebates can range from 25 – 50% of the lighting upgrade costs. Some rebate programs offer dollars per fixture with most agriculture rebates being based on the kWh reduction. For the kWh reductions, rebates usually range from $0.15 – $0.30 per kWh reduced. In Michigan, Consumers Energy offers $0.70 per kWh reduced! LED lights save you money every month on your energy bill, and with the rebates can bring your ROI on new fixture purchases to less than one year.

Once LEDs for horticulture lighting become the baseline, rebates will no longer be offered or will match the new baseline. Some states have already changed their regulations for their energy codes (IL, MA) and others are in the process of changing (MI, OR, CA, WA). Once states update guidelines on how much wattage is allowed per square foot, and LEDs become the norm, there will be no need for energy providers to offer rebates.

USDA REAP Program:

In addition, the USDA is offering grants and low interest, long term loans through the REAP program. These grants will cover up to 25% of your upgrade project costs. Combined with the current utility rebate, your ROI will be achieved twice as fast. Deadline for the USDA REAP application is March 31, 2021. Future competitions will be Oct 31st and March 31st of said years.

The time is now! Do NOT wait!

ROI Scenario for 1-for-1 upgrade to ITC Amplify Vegetative Lamps:

A 5,000 square foot hydroponic lettuce greenhouse used 40 HPS lamps for supplemental lighting to run crops 365 days a year. The farmer was required to rotate crops every few days for even light distribution.

  • Total cost of the lamps: $45,000
  • Year 1 electricity cost savings: $13,434
  • Received Energy Provider Rebate: $11,908
  • Received USDA Grant: $11,250
  • HPS bulb savings (one set per year not including labor): $2,000
  • TOTAL INVESTMENT: $6,408 (Cost of lamps – (Y1 electricity savings + Energy Provider Rebate + USDA Grant + HPS bulb savings ))
  • Return on investment (ROI) = 106 days  (about 3 and a half months)

Additional Benefits to the Farmer When Switching to Amplify LEDs:

  • Increased his yields by 16-20% per square ft.
  • Maintained his crop yields thru the peaks of winter.
  • Reduce the number of ‘Lit” hours of supplemental lighting from 12 hrs to 7.5 hrs.
  • Able to create vibrant colored crop all year long using ITC Horticulture lights and stop buying red lettuce from another farm during the winter months.
  • Doubled his lit area over the crop (no more rotating crops for even light) and did not have to upgrade his panel service to do it.

Ready to Get started?

Applying for these programs takes time and can be complicated. Begin the application process as soon as you’re looking into upgrades for your facility. ITC Horticulture provides a lighting layout for your grow area and can file for your local Energy Rebate on your behalf. We can also direct you to information for the USDA REAP grants and loans.

Don’t miss out on significant cash rebates! We will help upgrade your operation with ITC Horticulture Lighting and improve your bottom line for years to come. Contact us today!

ITC Horticulture Lab Lights on Tour

April 27th, 2020 by cassiel

Join ITC Horticulture Manager, Brad Beers, for a rare lights on tour of our lab. See where Jessie (Horticulture Lab Technician) spends most of her time researching our lighting products.

Eat Your Reds

July 12th, 2019 by oliviam

Throughout our lives, we have been told time and time again, “Eat Your Greens.” The importance of green veggies is widely known and has been engrained into our brains from a young age.  This leads many of us to picture large bowls of leafy green salad when we imagine “eating green or clean”.

However, when we picture those leafy lettuce bowls, one member of the lettuce family that many of us forget about is red lettuce!  Red lettuce looks much like it’s deep green cousins, but with a reddish-purple tinge.  While the traditional green lettuces do hold nutritious value, many studies are also pointing towards red lettuces when discussing health and wellness.  Not only does red lettuce add a pop of color to the big bowl of salad you’re eating, it offers numerous health benefits!  A great source of vitamins such as A and K and packed with antioxidants, red lettuce is low in calories and hydrating because it retains a large amount of water.

Many parts of the country struggle to produce these pops of red pigment in the winter months due to low amounts of blue light in the atmosphere. ITC’s LED lights will provide the capability to produce these pigments all year round!

Click here to view our case study on “Producing Pigments”, highlighting our Amplify LED lighting’s capability to produce pops of color, which also increases the market value of your lettuce crop.

Click here to see a full report of all the nutrients found in red leaf lettuce as shown by the USDA.


ITC Horticulture

October 22nd, 2018 by oliviam

After two years of researching, studying, and prototyping, ITC has developed several new LED lighting products. ITC has worked closely with local farm-to-table hydroponic, aquaponic, and floriculture grower, along with university researchers to develop a series of LED lighting products specifically designed to enhance growth. ITC Horticulture products were developed to provide maximum coverage, while reducing energy usage and improving installation of lights, and also the number of electrical drops.