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Product News


June 21st, 2021 by cassiel

When Lettuce Grow began to search for a lighting partner to expand their Farmstand into an indoor/outdoor, year-round product, ITC was a great fit. Drawing on years of experience working with customers to provide innovative products, ITC recognized the importance of understanding the Lettuce Grow philosophy when designing, producing, and delivering a lighting solution. Lettuce Grow’s vision is that the company will “provide families access to clean, unprocessed food” while also “decreasing transportation emissions, drastically reducing water usage, and recycling ocean-bound plastics from places that lack recycling initiatives”.

Understanding the driving force behind the Farmstand and the Lettuce Grow mission gave ITC the essential knowledge to take the Lettuce Grow light design concept and engineer a final solution that was consistent with their values and also effective at advancing plant growth.

As an expert in horticultural lighting with ongoing scientific studies on the effects of various LED light spectrums on plant growth, ITC had detailed, validated data to apply to the light spectrum choice. ITC was also able to bring to bear our experience in designing lights that meet strict certification an d quality standards for wet and harsh environments, such as vehicle undercarriage lights, underwater lights, marine lighting, and external RV lighted products. Our expertise in sourcing materials from a variety of vendors and managing quality processes ensured we could meet the required material and quality standards. Because ITC has an established assembly facility and sophisticated supply chain, we were able to help minimize the carbon footprint associated with production, packaging, and shipping.

The final product, Glow Rings™, has received glowing reviews from Lettuce Grow customers. The Lettuce Grow light design concept became a fabulous success story, with comments such as “Beautiful and effective and efficient!”, “Best lighting available.”, “Beyond expectations!”, and “Easy to assemble, everything growing”.

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Tips and Tricks for using ITC Horticulture LED Grow Lights at Home

March 8th, 2021 by ryans

The first step in successful home growing is to get to know your plants. Each plant cultivar has its own unique light requirements. Each ITC Horticulture light kit offered for home or small business use, comes with two light fixtures in two different light spectrums. The two spectrums offer different colors of light that can be used together or separate and at different times of the growth cycle. So understanding the color, amount, and intensity of light your specific plant needs will help you provide the right light.

Balanced Spectrum Fixture:  One kit includes a double Balanced Spectrum which brings out the red pigment in plants and creates compact plant top growth that is great for transplanting to larger containers as it avoids growth stalling.

Seedling Spectrum Fixture:  One kit includes a double Seedling Spectrum which is great for growing seedlings even before the seedlings have popped from the soil. The Seedling fixture helps grow large root to vegetation ratio and promotes a strong, stable foundation for the plant, especially for those tall growers like tomatoes or cannabis.

Full Spectrum Fixture:  Each kit includes a single Full Spectrum fixture which mimics natural sunlight. The Full Spectrum gives your plants a longer day of light that promotes strong healthy grow in all phases of the plant life. Great for indoor growing environments and low light, short winter days.

Check out both kit offers at and to learn more about ITC Horticulture check us out at

ITC Horticulture Grow Lamps are now available directly to consumers!

March 8th, 2021 by ryans

ITC Horticulture Grow Lighting is now available directly to consumers and small growers, online, via our sister brand ITC Manufacturers’ Select!  The same professional grade grow lighting available to our professional growing partners are now an option for small business and home grows in a quickly deployable kit.

ITC has spent years developing our lighting business, 39 years to be exact. We have invested heavily in LED technology manufacturing with several large, automated processing lines and skilled operators. We also know that you can’t use just any LEDs to grow healthy, high yield producing plants. We used research proven science along with lab and large-scale field production growth testing to develop the perfect spectrums for our Horticulture lighting products.

Now we are excited to offer all of that research and experience we put into our commercial grade Horticulture grow lights, in packages perfect for small businesses and home growers, allowing these growers to reap the same improved yields and grow cycles that the big guys enjoy. Check out both light kit offers at For larger or specialty growers please contact our experienced sales team for a custom lighting plan to meet your growing needs.