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Eat Your Reds

July 12th, 2019 by oliviam

Throughout our lives, we have been told time and time again, “Eat Your Greens.” The importance of green veggies is widely known and has been engrained into our brains from a young age.  This leads many of us to picture large bowls of leafy green salad when we imagine “eating green or clean”.

However, when we picture those leafy lettuce bowls, one member of the lettuce family that many of us forget about is red lettuce!  Red lettuce looks much like it’s deep green cousins, but with a reddish-purple tinge.  While the traditional green lettuces do hold nutritious value, many studies are also pointing towards red lettuces when discussing health and wellness.  Not only does red lettuce add a pop of color to the big bowl of salad you’re eating, it offers numerous health benefits!  A great source of vitamins such as A and K and packed with antioxidants, red lettuce is low in calories and hydrating because it retains a large amount of water.

Many parts of the country struggle to produce these pops of red pigment in the winter months due to low amounts of blue light in the atmosphere. ITC’s LED lights will provide the capability to produce these pigments all year round!

Click here to view our case study on “Producing Pigments”, highlighting our Amplify LED lighting’s capability to produce pops of color, which also increases the market value of your lettuce crop.

Click here to see a full report of all the nutrients found in red leaf lettuce as shown by the USDA.


ITC Horticulture

October 22nd, 2018 by oliviam

After two years of researching, studying, and prototyping, ITC has developed several new LED lighting products. ITC has worked closely with local farm-to-table hydroponic, aquaponic, and floriculture grower, along with university researchers to develop a series of LED lighting products specifically designed to enhance growth. ITC Horticulture products were developed to provide maximum coverage, while reducing energy usage and improving installation of lights, and also the number of electrical drops.