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Controlled Environment

Cultivating in an indoor controlled environment requires a much different approach than cultivating in an outdoor or greenhouse environment. Indoor controlled environments require a complete light source to grow healthy and hearty plants and crops. These environments need to have the ability to fully provide plants and crops the nutrition they require to grow and flourish. This is where our Amplify products step in. Each of the Amplify products come in multiple scientifically proven spectrums alongside evidence based design. The spectrums provide the exact light recipe plants need at particular stages of their growth, while the design structures provide consistent and even light patterns to your crops.


When cultivating in a greenhouse setting, a complete light source is not necessary in the way that it is in a controlled environment. What is needed is support from supplemental light, when the sun can’t deliver the necessary light needed by itself. Is your greenhouse located in zone 6 or lower, where cloudy days constantly getting in the way during the winter months?  Amplify lights have it covered, literally—with light. Amplify lights provide the exact type and amount of supplemental light each individual plant needs. Adding Amplify LED fixtures into your greenhouse can also save labor costs, as you won’t need to constantly move your plants around the greenhouse following the sun as it moves across the sky.