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Amplify LED Advantage

As an indoor grower, artificial/supplemental lighting is of utmost importance.  Whether the lighting you are using is to bring supplemental light to your plants or provide a complete light source, it’s something you simply cannot grow without.

In the world of artificial/supplemental lighting, there are different options available to help provide you with the light source you are looking for. So, why choose our Amplify LED Horticulture lighting?

– Multiple Scientifically Proven Spectrums –

If you haven’t already read on our site, our Amplify products come in multiple scientifically proven spectrums.  Currently, the spectrums we offer are Seedling, Vegetative, Balanced, and Full. Each spectrum is built with a specific recipe, designed to meet the diverse needs of cultivars at different points of plant development or the diverse needs of different cultivars. Regardless of the type of plant or stage of development your cultivating, the time of the year it is, or the type of environment you are in; ITC’s spectrums provide a superior solution for greenhouse or controlled environment cultivators.

-Electrical Drops/Facility Capabilities –

When cultivating in an indoor environment, the set-up of the facility is something that horticulture growers need to work with or around. Often times, facilities aren’t capable of holding all of the equipment needed to cultivate at capacity. ITC found that this was an area they could help in.  We created our Amplify LED lights in single, double, and five lamp fixtures. The simple hang and plug single and double lamp options are great for narrow spaces and long runs. Both are available in 80 or 150 degree light spreads.  The five lamp fixture gives consistent light placement across larger areas while reducing the number of electrical drops needed. This reduces install labor and can comply with the infrastructure of the facility you are growing in.

– Consistent and Even Distribution of Light –

Our Amplify products have specifically binned LEDs in each fixture. The tight, accurate binning used to create our LED products guarantee the color of the LED is consistent from one fixture to the next and ensuring accurate spectrum recipes are met.

Even light distribution with little to no PAR or PPFD gaps provided by ITC Horticulture products has a large effect on the evenness of growth across growing areas. Take a look at the images below. Due to the structure of hanging HPS lights, there are gaps in uniformity. The way in which our LED lights are structured eliminates those large gaps, meaning less fixtures are needed to provide consistent light coverage without creating hot spots.

– Energy Savings 

Our Amplify LED lights are designed with energy efficiency in mind.  Each LED light is created to take in a small amount of energy, yet creates large amounts of high-quality light. The less energy intake, the more money in your pocket.  Using less energy can also provide the opportunity to expand the production area of a facility that is constrained by the electrical grid. Less energy usage also creates for a green, environmentally friendly lighting alternative.  Saving money while working to leave a greener footprint? Seems like a no brainer.

Let’s look at a customer example.

This particular customer cultivates in a large, indoor greenhouse (over 50,000 square feet). Originally, they received a quote to outfit their greenhouse with 288 standard HPS lights. The quote for operating these lights in their facility ran about 308 thousand in instantaneous facility wattage.

ITC gave a quote to the same facility with our Amplify fixtures in our progressive pond spectrum method. We quoted them 32 Balanced 5 lamp fixtures, 160 Vegetative 5 lamp fixtures, and 96 Balanced 5 lamp fixtures; 288 fixtures total. Using our Amplify LED lights, the Instantaneous Facility Wattage went down to around 180 thousand. When looking at the lights individually, the Balanced fixtures were 44.6% more energy efficient, the Vegetative fixtures were 39.9% more energy efficient, and the Balanced fixtures were 42.8% more energy efficient than their HPS counterparts.

Additionally, when the facility was mapped for installation, ITC was able to provide a superior quality of light and more consistent coverage. The quote for the electrical installation was 30,000 dollars less than the quote for HPS installation due to the setup of our 10 foot 5 lamp fixtures which are designed to use fewer electrical drops, saving labor cost and wiring.  

To learn more about our progressive pond method contact our sales team.

– Energy Incentives –

Having lights which are more energy efficient means more money in your pocket. Not only will this come from the money you save on your monthly energy bill, but can also come in the form of rebates from energy companies. Going green has benefits more than just the environment!

Looking back at the facility we were discussing above, the estimated rebate expected from our quote in this particular grow facility was around 36,000 dollars! Put that together with the 30,000 dollars in installation savings, that adds up to 66,000 dollars in savings. And that’s not even putting into consideration the improvement in yield or how much lower each electricity bill will be! This goes to show that while LED lights are more expensive than HPS lights initially, they are more cost efficient in the long run.

– Current & Power –

Another issue that indoor cultivators occasionally run into is current compacity and power in their facilities. Depending upon the energy company and grow facility, there are often times restrictions on the amount of energy that a building can consume. Since Amplify lights use less energy, there is less electricity being pulled into the facilities they are in.

– Investment Protection –

Protecting your plants is of the utmost importance, but the durability of your lighting investment is also key. Our Amplify products are designed with a finned heatsink design so the lamp disperses the minimum amount of heat providing protection to the circuit board. Each fixture is also fitted with a whale tail feature which provides an additional protective shield for water and dirt intrusion. ITC products are IP 66 rated, UL listed and tested for the harshest environments in both a lab and in actual use in greenhouses and controlled environments.

At ITC, we realize the importance of staying close to the science. We are constantly working to provide you with the top solutions to your growing needs. We promise to continue to design and deliver innovative customer focused product solutions.