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  • Combining innovation and evidence-based design to bring high performance LED lighting to the horticulture industry.
  • ITC’s Amplify products use multiple scientifically proven spectrums to optimize plant growth.
  • Our standard and custom light distribution layouts give your plants the supplemental or complete light needed to provide value to you as a grower.
  • Amplify LED Horticulture lights, combined with Nebula Controls wireless smart system, allow for full lighting control with minimal human dependency.


ITC’s Amplify products with scientifically proven light spectrums offer a premium solution to supplemental or controlled environment growers.
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ITC LED lights designed specifically for floriculture applications.
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COMING SOON! ITC's LED horticulture lamps designed for cannabis growers.
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Whether you're looking for controlled environment lamps or greenhouse lamps, ITC has lights for every application.
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Case Studies

ITC partnered with industry professionals to perform field studies and tests ensuring that our product spectrums and fixtures produce top growth results.
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Science and Technology

ITC has over 40 years of LED experience which gives us a position of leadership in producing LED horticulture products.
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Through its long history of successful innovation and product development, ITC has continued to be a top manufacturer of LED lighting products across multiple industries. ITC launched the Horticulture brand after years of research and development. The ITC team, using our innovative development capabilities as a foundation, was dedicated to researching, studying, testing, and prototyping a collection of LED lighting products that bring solutions to the horticulture market.

ITC worked closely with local farm-to-table hydroponic growers, aquaponic growers, floriculture growers, university researchers, and used our own FDA certified grow room to develop and test a series of LED horticulture lighting products and smart operational accessories. These lighting products are specifically designed to enhance plant growth and to withstand harsh environments the horticulture industry endures. ITC Horticulture products are designed for maximum light coverage while reducing energy usage and improving installation costs with minimized electrical drops.


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ITC Horticulture

After two years of researching, studying, and prototyping, ITC has developed several new LED lighting products. ITC has worked closely with local farm-to-table h...
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Featured Products

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